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Need to Break Up With Your Significant Other? There’s an App For That Too

Do you have a stage 5 clinger that you’re just finding it difficult to cut loose? Perhaps you want to celebrate your 2 year anniversary by moving in a different direction. What if you find breaking up with your significant other on Facebook is too impersonal? There’s an app called Erase Ur X that can help you dump that special person in your life, without actually having to do all the hard work yourself!

EraseUrX will create a personalized message for your soon-to-be-ex, you can send a photo from your camera roll, or record an audio file to be sent as a message to the lucky recipient. This way that person gets the same news you would’ve delivered in person, but without you having to see them cry or risk getting slapped or punched. No more emotional drain.

And if you are truly curious, I am definitely being sarcastic. I have issues with anyone who would choose to break up with their significant other this way. But I’m not really surprised that an app like this is around. Rather, I’m surprised it took this long for somebody to come up with the idea and follow through with it.

According to the app’s Twitter, the app is coming soon to the App Store, but doesn’t specify when.

Here’s my question of curiosity: How did the beta testers try it out? Is one of the requirements of beta testing that you actually have to break up with someone using this app? I suppose you could let your recipient know it’s pretend, but still.

Check out EraseUrX’s website here.

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January 14th, 2010



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