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iTrip | FM Transmitter with App support

Other May 30th, 2010 by Brad

App Review: Livio Car Radio

Internet radio has been an App Store staple ever since it first debuted two years ago, sparked by the huge success of Pandora’s free app. Ever since, thousands of internet radio apps have come out. So why review another new internet radio app? Because this one has a lot going for it. It’s called Livio [...]

Slug Wars Adds Quality Gaming to iPhone at a Slow Pace

Tower Defense games are way too popular on the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong — I enjoy tower defense, but not so much that I want to download 100 different versions of that particular game style. When I first he[...]

Need to Break Up With Your Significant Other? There’s an App For That Too

Do you have a stage 5 clinger that you’re just finding it difficult to cut loose? Perhaps you want to celebrate your 2 year anniversary by moving in a different direction. What if you find breaking up with your sig[...]

Broken Sword for iPhone Coming End of January

I have a confession to make: I’ve never played Broken Sword. I hear it’s a very popular point and click game that I probably should know all about and have beaten the game 5 times already. Perhaps I don’[...]

Tiffen’s Smoothee Steadicam Accessory for iPhone Announced

So you own a iPhone 3GS and love the fact you can take videos of random stuff, but you’re annoyed because the video can occasionally get shaky. It’s awfully difficult to take decent videos, let alone professi[...]

Zenonia 2 Coming in March

I was a huge fan of the original Zenonia on the iPhone. It was one of the first true RPGs you could find for the platform, and it was done rather well. While not completely smooth all the time, it was still enjoyable for[...]

Get Zombie Survival Training With Dawn of the Dead iPhone Game

Look, there’s really nothing original about this concept. It’s a zombie shooter game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that looks from the top down. Like THAT hasn’t been done before. But what is worth ment[...]

Call Out: Where is the Digg iPhone App?

About three months ago we all got quite excited upon learning from Digg head honcho Kevin Rose that an app was in development for Digg. It was discovered as Rose “secretly” played around with an early version[...]

Vizio Announces Remote Control App for iPhone

At CES 2010, we found another rather interesting tidbit coming down the pipeline. Your Next App could very well be a remote control for your TV, as long as you own a Vizio. The above picture, captured by Engadget at the [...]

What The: Mophie iPhone Case That Enables Streaming TV?

After creating the title for this article, I’m strongly considering starting a series titled “What The:” that cover really cool concepts coming to life on the iPhone that I would’ve never thought [...]